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Dating Jesus....One Foot Midgets......Naked Showgirls

Now if you were to make love to Jesus...say you were a woman. Hypothetically. You may well be. But more so, like Judy Dench or Edith Piaf. A woman that would date a four foot hairy Jesus. As it was 2000 years ago people were a lot smaller, especially men. Scary, isn't it? It would make you wonder if they had midgets back then though? Two feet tall? Maybe a foot? Running around, going to work in the market with suits on. As you go shopping, a mobile phone sized man falls off a bric-a-brac table and lands in your woven basket. Lying there helpless, all he can see is giant oranges and bananas around him in the bag. Fucking scary man.

I only bring up Jesus as there is a new gameshow out, this one though looks interesting. Unfortunately it isn't another Japanese/Squid/Toenail gameshow you see late night on Dave. It's much worse, because they bring GOD into the house. Not just THE God but all the God's. It's a Turkish TV gameshow called 'Penitents Compete' where they have Rabbis, Bishops, Buddhist Monks etc. to come along and fucking CONVERT Atheists. Now.....I know what your thinking. I would love to go on as well but digging deeper I found that Penitents comes from the Christian movement Order of Penitents which is;

'Those who had committed serious sins confessed their sins to the bishop or his representative and were assigned a penance that was to be carried out over a period of time. After completing their penance, they were reconciled by the bishop with a prayer of absol..................... more at

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