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Perpignian.. accomodation.. do you know some free place to stay?

Hello.. i am planing to go to Perpignian this year..
Are you going, too? Do you know some free place to stay? I am looking for place for one person (ME!:-)) for about 3 or 4 night during profesional week..
I will be very gratefull for some help. I have never been there and i am a bit lost.


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HI Aga,
I won't be going to Perpignan I'm afraid.
However, I checked their website ( and they have a link on accommodation.
It won't be free though.
Also there's a link to register for the professional week.
Best of luck and enjoy it.
yes, i was looking from the website, but everything is soo expensive..
i am looking for some sofa in somebodys room, or some pool to sleep in a tent.. something which wil not be 30 or 40 euro per night!
Hey, Aga !
That s a coincidence : i m in poland and i was remerbering of you while surfing on visionnaire web site.
About Perpignan, i went there those last two years and i ll be there next september during all the professional week. I m used to sharing an appartement with a friend of mine, Catherine, but she just told me last week that she s not sure to come because she has to pay a lot of taxes this year. It s a appartement with two sperate rooms, very close from the train station and ten minutes by walk from the festival. We rent it something like 270 euros for the all week (that s make 135 euros by person).
Let me know if you need a place : i ll keep you informed about my friend coming or not.

Otherwise, i m spending a good time taking pictures in your country. The roads are so bad but people so friendly ! I m only here (near Poznan) for the week, and time is running but it s very interesting !

See u

hi Aga

i will be in perpignan septe 1 to 2 i found a hotel 32 euros the night close to the train station. Express hotel

you may find some here:
if you think you will be in perpignan spete 1 to2 just let me know

take care

Of course, Mathieu,
i'd be glad to meet you in Perpignan.
I arrive monday in the middle of the afternoon.
Le café de la Poste is place where everybody goes after the projection, in the evening.
That the best place to meet eachother.
See you,
Hi MArtin

ok for monday nigth at the Cafe de la Poste. i will be at Perpignan monday around noon..

i will give you later a number where you can call me


I already have a ticket.. i will be in Perpignian from 2nd Sept untill 6th at the morning...
I already have a place to stay :-)
Hope to meet you somewhere there :-)
For sure, don't worry !
Wepime dobrom pivo w knaipie ! (sorry for my bad polish...)
The good place to meet, as i told to mathieu, is Le café de la Poste, after the projections in the evening. Very easy to find : just follow the people.
I hope, till then, to go back to Poland for an other week in vue to take more pictures of the country.
After the Wielkapolka, i thing i'll wonder around Warshawia and Gdantz. Actually, i don't really know where to go to make a portrait of the country. There's a french woman in the Warshavia office of the AFP that i have to contact. But good ideas are welcome if you have ones. I jus want to meet ordinary people working, living...
By the way, have you seen the last issue of Private Magazine ? The title is "from poland". It's all B&W pictures made by polish photographers. very intersesting.
See You Aga "You-tcha-kofska"


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